Why is nobody contesting the Mojacar music ban? You still have time!

I was interested to note the fuss over the Mojacar noise ban this weekend on facebook (see Lenox Napier and others, mainly on Facebook). So I tried to find a copy of the new “law”, the Ordenanza Municipal Reguladora de Determinadas Actividades de Ocio en el Término Municipal de Mojácar. And I couldn’t. Because, as I understand it, so far, it hasn’t passed into law. Instead, on the 8th of March, the Mojacar townhall voted Continue reading Why is nobody contesting the Mojacar music ban? You still have time!

Mojacar business meeting “not a success”

Reports from the front say that tonights Mojacar business meeting about important issues affecting the town and its’ businesses was the usual Mojacar ballsup. It seems that ACEM was involved, although this report was the first one to mention the name of an organisation I assumed had died a natural death five minutes after the last elections. Much as expected. Quite why anyone thinks Rosmari wants to expend political capital on reigning in the Guardia Continue reading Mojacar business meeting “not a success”

Ruta de Tapas de Mojacar 2011

The Mojacar Tapas Route 2011 group have setup an official website at www.detapaspormojacar.com. The RUTA DE TAPAS POR MOJACAR 2011 will commence from Friday 24th June through to Sunday 17th July 2011 with a launch party to be held at Hotel/Bar/Cafe Marazul, Mojacar Playa on Friday 24th June – there will be restricted numbers to the opening event. Each of the participating bars and restaurants will be supplying tapas for the evening event. At the Continue reading Ruta de Tapas de Mojacar 2011

ACEM information meeting

ACEM (remember them? Walt Disney enthusiasts?) has called a general informational meeting for the 6th. Here’s the press release from Patricia Weston: ———— There will be a meeting in Arriba for al your businesses out there. We will be explaining all about ACEM and what we are about. It is only 6 euros a month 72 euros a year and for this you get a team of people to help you if you have any Continue reading ACEM information meeting

ACEM wasting money on some bloody nonsense

From La Voz: Karin Schröter [President of Mojacar business association ACEM] has announced that her collective has contracted Lorca artist Lola Fernández Arcas to make a statue of Walt Disney which will be donated to the town of Mojácar, where she believes he could have been born. So, the Mojácar business association really does have absolutely no idea what to do other than waste money on this crap. We continue in this ridiculous vein in Continue reading ACEM wasting money on some bloody nonsense

Why didn’t ACEM tell anyone about Moros y Cristianos?

Well, one can forgive the Euro Weekly News and the Sol Times for forgetting about the annual Mojacar Moros y Cristianos fiesta (described in the special supplement of El Ideal as “the Levante’s most important fiesta” and Diario Sur de Málaga as “unmissable – eastern Andalucia’s trademark June festival”). Football is so much more interesting, and will fill a bar for an afternoon. After all, despite the Euro Weekly News claiming to be “the paper Continue reading Why didn’t ACEM tell anyone about Moros y Cristianos?

A change in the wind

Like all good coups, it was swift and deadly. But, with luck, it will signal a new and better direction for ACEM, as a truly independent business association instead of a small cartel of self interested people. The first most people heard of it was when the following letter appeared on the internet last night (taken from http://www.spectrumfmmojacar.net/clarification_acem.php, facebook and many other sources, and printed in the EWN): ——————————————————————————— Clarification of Involvement From: Michel & Continue reading A change in the wind