Wild boar out in force

Wild boar are out in force again for the mating season and drivers run the risk of hitting one of these stout little beasts during these dark nights. Such a collision is usually fatal to the animal, and often to the vehicle as well. Insurers warn that many older policies subscribed to under the old law may not include collisions with wild animals, and that drivers should double check their policies. Remember that an on-the-spot Continue reading

Two lorry accidents close motorway

Two different accidents involving trailer lorries closed the A-7 motorway twice last Sunday. In the first incident, an articulated lorry carrying fruit caught fire at km point 549 near Húercal-Overa on the Murcía bound lane at 2:30 am, closing the motorway for more than eleven hours. Fire inspectors believe the lorry caught fire after a wheel exploded. The driver and passenger were able to escape from the blaze unhurt and alerted the authorities. Although the Continue reading

2 youths injured in Mojacar after brick falls on them

Two youths, 18 & 20 years old, were injured last night in Mojacar after a breeze block fell on them. According to a report by the Local Police, the youths were outside a local disco on Avenida Andalucia at 1:20 am, leaning against a scaffold support which was holding up a dodgy piece of roofing. Their combined weight caused the scaffold to give way, and a large breezeblock that was perched on top of the Continue reading

€50,000 compensation for hitting a goat on the motorway

A man has been awarded €50,000 compensation by a local court after he hit a mountain goat that had strayed onto the motorway near Almería city four years ago. José Manuel J. M. was driving his motorbike at a steady 90 kph when he went round a bend and found several wild mountain goats milling around. He bounced off one with the usual nasty results one can expect. Anyway, after four years in the courts, Continue reading

Nasty accident in Nijar 3 Kings parade

There was a nasty accident during Níjar’s three Kings parade last night, when one of the floats hit a low hanging electric cable, knocking a 20 year old man off the float. He seems to have gotten entangled in his King costume when the top of his throne hit the electric cable and fell headfirst onto the street below. He was rushed to Almería hospital with a severe head injury. The rest of the parade Continue reading

Explosion on board gas platform off coast of Almeria

The Medgaz floating platform which is assembling the Spain – Morrocco gas pipeline suffered an explosion in which at least 3 workers were killed this afternoon. The floating platform is believed to the most the largest and most advanced ship of its kind in the world, and was working off the coast of Algeria. It is believed to be an industrial accident caused, according to TV reports, by a fault in the wielding equipment. All Continue reading