A real Spanish life blog

Came across http://www.arealspanishlife.com today and thought I’d share how Gordon, an expat waiter in Villarico, thinks about living in Spain, with you. He’s currently trying to buy a car, which makes for some fun reading. Anyway, keep up the good work Gordon and I look forwards to reading future musings from you. “It is my belief that Jesus was Spanish, and by giving him 5 loaves as a tapa, they could easily be turned into Continue reading A real Spanish life blog

Pollen count across Spain

Here’s an interesting little website for anyone who suffers from hay fever or air born allergies: http://www.polenes.com/ It’s a website run by allergy doctors across Spain, who measure the pollen count in their areas on a daily basis and upload the data, so you always know how bad your particular allergen is at any given moment. In Spanish only at the mo’.

Oranges, Oranges, 12p a dozen

With the current transport strike, and supermarkets expecting to be out of fruit & veg by tomorrow Wednesday, those of us who like our 5 a day may want to consider alternate supply routes. Like this fellow: http://www.lamejornaranja.com. Give the chap credit, he spotted a gap in the internet market and filled it! 1.73€/kg? That’s not bad!