Berja has erotic tapa route this weekend

Berja (other side of Almeria city) is celebrating Valentines Day by organising an erotic tapa route. apparently it’s the second one – people were bored with the usual tapas route, so they changed the date to the weekend nearest the 14th and called it sexy tapas. It’s your usual townhall sponsored tapa route, with all the bars competing to come up with the best tapa, and a little guide, but with a sexy twist. Cue many Continue reading Berja has erotic tapa route this weekend

Turre tapas run 2012

Turre has announced that it is organising a Tapas run over the weekend of the 28/29 of July and 4/5 of August. Here’s the programme and the participating bars in the village, along with their specialist tapa (click the image to make it bigger) and here’ s the map of the village showing you where everything is: (again, click to make bigger) Usual rules apply, get your “passport” stamped at every establishment and hand it Continue reading Turre tapas run 2012

Huercal Overa tapas route starts tomorrow

Yummy! The restaurants of Huércal Overa are competing to see who can come up with the scrummiest tapas. The first annual Huércal Overa tapas route starts tomorrow, with a printed routemap being available from any of the participating restaurants. Get your routemap, get it stamped by at least five establishments, and enter a contest! I don’t know what you can win, the press release didn’t say. For a full list of participating restaurants, see the Continue reading Huercal Overa tapas route starts tomorrow

Casa Santiago, Garrucha

Having been introduced to this place by Ric Polansky, who has an exhibition of bullfighting photos on the wall, I though it could be fun to pop there one evening with the parents and the gf. Quite the happy family. Casa Santiago has a large outside terrace, taking up most of the public pavement, where in fine Spanish style you can occupy the public road, lounging around with a g&t watching with interest as mothers Continue reading Casa Santiago, Garrucha

Meson del Pobre

You’ll remember I mentioned how a strange piece appeared in the euroweekly -I doubt you read it, most people haven’t- about how Meson del Pobre “apologises for past problems” and has “new staff new menu new attitude” with no further explanation. An open invitation for speculation and rumour, I feel. It’s been a while since I’ve been in there so I wasn’t aware of the changes. The story, I’m told, is as follows: Staff problems Continue reading Meson del Pobre

Bar Juventud, Los Gallardos

In my youth, Bar Juventud was the “other bar”. As people who lived on the “Crespo” side of the street, going into Juventud was akin to a Madrid supporter sneaking into a Barça pub. Only to be attempted wearing a large hat when noone was around. Which was a pity as it always had better tapas. Then we grew up and rarely visited Los Gallardos, as we lived out in the sticks and once we Continue reading Bar Juventud, Los Gallardos

Plaza Mayor Cafeteria (Turre)

The Plaza Mayor Cafeteria is the old “café.com” bar in the main square in Turre (which moved across the plaza into the space left after that disgusting O’connells place was run out of town). Suave, elegant, with tasty tapas and an Italian feel, it’s a damn nice place to have a red wine and a tapa in the afternoon. An attractive waitress called Carol works there in the afternoon, and then the slim Italian owner Continue reading Plaza Mayor Cafeteria (Turre)

La Pará, Turre

La Pará is a new bar and restaurant that has opened up at the top of the main street in Turre, as you leave going out towards the cementery. It´s very, very nicely done out inside, with no expense spared on the décor. This was done by someone who plans to stay a while, and these people are Ana, her husband Marcos and Ana’s sister whose name escapes me (but I´ll find out next time Continue reading La Pará, Turre

Cafe Bar Aguila, Albox

Aguila is a workers bar in Albox. But by gum, it’s a good one. Inside, in a main room, darkened by the windows which are tightly shuttered against the danger of the summer sun, wizened men and worker foremen sit hunched over the bar, drinking their carajillos. A low background murmur from conversation is constantly audible – the minute you look to see where it’s coming from the conversation stalls and you find that the Continue reading Cafe Bar Aguila, Albox