Marinades Restaurant; or, why one might flee from a hot January Mojacar to the UK

There are many reasons why one would chose to flee from the hot, sunny, beachbar ridden January’s of Mojácar back to the rain swept, frosty and, indeed, icy streets of the Royal County: ie, Gloucester. One might cite family ties (or, at the very least, a stern Mater who hands out addresses in the UK along with stern admonishments on how best to arrive, warnings about not making cheeky comments about levels when the elderly Continue reading Marinades Restaurant; or, why one might flee from a hot January Mojacar to the UK

Restaurant Zamora (Valladolid)

You know, it’s trips like this that make me wonder why I don’t just jack it all in and live in a Spanish city, instead of on the hectic coast. They’re wonderful. They all have the “old towns”, full of interesting bars and restaurants and museums and nooks and crannies; the hotels are almost always new, the transport system immaculate and the people nice. For instance, the hotel I’m in now (Vincci) is clean and Continue reading Restaurant Zamora (Valladolid)

The Bell at Sapperton (Cirencester)

The bell at Sapperton When the weather is pleasant I like to pop over to the Cotswolds and potter around, a la Bertie Wooster, being passed from country house to hotel to friends sofa. Well, the weather wasn’t overly nice and so I bunkered down in Cirencester for the duration. Still working on the theory that it’s cheaper to eat out then to eat at home, especially when somebody else is paying for it, I Continue reading The Bell at Sapperton (Cirencester)

Thornbury Castle (Glos, UK)

While planning a trip around the ancestral homesteads in the Cotswolds, I was informed by L that she had always wanted to sleep in a castle. Her wish being my command, (and bearing in mind that castles tend be draughty places, at least all the ones I’ve been in so far) I booked into Thornbury Castle, which happened to be on our way down to S. Wales. Arriving, I was startled by the sheer tradition Continue reading Thornbury Castle (Glos, UK)

Yamato Sushi (Granada)

  Yamato (Granada)   Japanese Sushi Restaurant Yamato, Granada   I love sushi. Wonderful stuff. While the Palacio Imperial do a good hash of serving up the basic stuff, it never really satisfies me. So I always try to mix a trip to Alcampo with a visit to the Sushi restaurant just down the road (forget it’s name, it’s just in front of the Tryp Hotel two roundabouts down).   But whenever I’m in Granada Continue reading Yamato Sushi (Granada)