Europe’s highest sea cliff – or how I sauntered up Cape Enniberg

They like their vertical cliffs in the Faroes. In fact, I understand they once had a bit of flat land, but decided to take it off to a museum for safe keeping. So one thing I wanted to see in the Faroes was Cape Enniberg. It’s Europe’s highest sea cliff. How to put this in perspective? You know the high mountain above Mojácar? It’s that high, only vertical down to sea level. It’s 754 metres, Continue reading Europe’s highest sea cliff – or how I sauntered up Cape Enniberg


It’s pronounced /ˈtʰɔu̯ʂhau̯n/. We landed at Vagur airport ahead of schedule and were quickly dropped off at the airport carpark. I picked up the excellent car provided by and set off. Now, old hand that I am, I had done my homework about the car hire. The big companies had proven to be more expensive than, and so I settled for the local company. They obliging sent me a list of the cars Continue reading Tórshavn


Eating a rather superb breakfast at the hotel early the next morning, I suddenly realised that I could see my destination for that day: the isle of Mykines. Under low grey skies and an ominous sea. It’s a sliver of bright green grass that juts out of the wild sea, the westernmost island and the home to hundreds of thousands of seabirds. Just a handful of people live here, in grass roof homes. The BBC Continue reading Mykines

How to get to the Faroe Islands

To get from Almería to the Faroe Islands is a relatively simple affair. You catch an elderly and slightly decrepit plane run by Primera air, and sit on the tarmac for half an hour waiting for a French Air controller to get off his fat arse, all the time studying your neighbouring depressed Danish fellow passengers. When you eventually get to BLL, an airport somewhere in Denmark whose name I never did learn, you spend Continue reading How to get to the Faroe Islands