Local author publishes “A Bike Ride through My Life”

Frank Clements, who lives locally in Lubrín, has published his bicycle themed autobiography, which is a must for anyone interested in cycling! Clements is the younger brother of Ernie Clements, winner of several British Cycling Championships and a Silver Medal in the 1948 Olympic Games Bicycle Race. He first chose to join National Service in the RAF to establish a unique place for himself-and spent virtually all of his final twelve months of service riding Continue reading

Exciting new fiction book by local author Britt Arenander is available now!

Local author -and occasional contributor to this blog – Britt Arenander has had her new book published. In Lux Divina Britt tells the story of Martina, a shy and oversensitive 38-year-old writer. When offered the opportunity to escape from wintry Stockholm she goes to finish a novel at a foundation for writers on a Spanish Mediterranean island, where she encounters a mystical order, Lux Divina, said to have been founded in the third century AD. Continue reading

Inquisition: The Reign of fear

Historian Toby Green brings a dark period of Spanish history to life in this well thought out book. Toby examines the reasons behind the Inquisition, the original “faceless bureaucracy”, and shows us how it started as a political entity designed to enforce the control of the Spanish kings over their newly conquered Moorish possessions (Andalusia, etc) before gradually becoming a tool of political oppression. Along the way, we delve into such byways as why the Continue reading

A Different Corner: Exploring Spanish Football

I’m not a huge football fan, but I found this book to be interesting. It’s an interesting review of Spanish football by expat Richard Bretnall, as written by him after travelling the country and after he investigated the history behind Spanish football. Via the medium of football, Richard manages to get closer to Spain and it’s traditions. Here’s his description, which is better than any I could write: Fed up by life in a country Continue reading

Empires of the Sea: The Final Battle for the Mediterranean, 1521-1580

Empires of the Sea: The Final Battle for the Mediterranean, 1521-1580 In “Empires of the Sea”, Roger Crowley has written an enthralling and masterful overview of the battle for control of the Mediterranean sea between the Spanish Christian Empire and Ottoman Islamist Caliphate. Written in a flowing, narrative style, he brings the main actors to life as he charts the main battles and technological developments that changed naval warfare, and the west, for ever. The Continue reading

How to live dangerously

How to Live Dangerously: Why We Should All Stop Worrying, and Start Living In a similar vein to the book Freakonomics (A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything), How to Live Dangerously is a wonderful book whose power lies in making you think. It’s a “take a step back” look at modern life, and perhaps it’s most potent theme is that taking risks often makes life safer. If you’re one of those people Continue reading

Franco: A biography

Paul Preston has created a wonderful profile on Franco, and this book has become the authoritive laymans guide to the only 20c Western European dictator to die peacefully in office. Despite it’s initial size, this is a book that concisly explains the evolution of Franco from the early, eager military cadet to the cool, absent caudillo he became. A wonderful book that reads more like a novel than a historical text, and I devoured it. Continue reading

Almeria and the Great Southern Spain Railway

I recently came across this little gem of a book. Written by David Gaunt, a fellow who’s been coming to Mojacar for quite some time, it’s an enthusiastic book detailing the construction of the local railways at the turn of the last century, and how they affected the local villages and populations. Lots of photos and interviews. Well worth a read if you’re interested in the old railways or mines that litter this area. Buy Continue reading