Cuevas local police in trouble for clearing out dangerous squatters

So the head of the local police in Cuevas was told some squatters (Okupas) had just taken over a property in the town.

He went round, made a fuss and kicked the squatters out. So far, so good.

He’s now in trouble for “unbecoming behaviour” and the okupas have filed a criminal complaint against him for infringing their rights. They also accused him of using his service revolver to blow their padlock off the front door (no doubt they want reimbursing for their padlock!).

The copper was also filmed in a surprisingly short pair of shorts. He’s alleged to have told the okupas that “por mis huevos te saco de ahí”.

Good lad. Sort of attitude I like to see in our local police force.

Local press report that the okupas have a long criminal history and are considered to be “dangerous people”. The okupas have been having fun appearing on national TV.

Meanwhile, we learn that the law will allow okupas to take over an empty property, then after 72 hours go on the padrón to start receiving the new minimum state salary. It will be up to the local council to check whether they are legally entitled to stay there, and if the owners are in agreement. If nobody has ever registered on the padrón in that property, the empadronamiento would probably go through unopposed.

It’s an interesting legal fact that if they take over an empty house (that is not the primary domicilie of someone else) and change the locks, it instantly becomes their primary domicilie and they are protected from eviction without a court order.

Later…. Cuevas townhall has issued a statement supporting the officer in question.

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