Madrid has spoken much good sense

So, Madrid has spoken.

Iglesias certainly stirred up “the mob”, the “noble forgotten working class of the outer cities” as he called them (patronising as always), but sadly they voted for anybody but him.

More importantly, the steadfast Madrileños have spoken damn good common sense last night.

They have rejected outspoken politicians who only try to divide us by stirring up anger and ancient wounds for their own benefits. His own supporters turning away from Podemos towards the local party Más Madrid (founded by the chap who originally setup Podemos before Pablo Iglesias forced him out in a night of long knives).

The rest did not move enmass towards Vox, but instead put their trust in the anti-lockdown politician Ayuso of the PP. Even PSOE supporters were unable to find it within themselves to support their own party.

Make no mistake, this was not an election about who sent bullets to who. Most people didn’t give a damn, and I suspect it only served to show up the poverty of Iglesias’ own position. This was an election about the fighting of the pandemic.

Much will be written about the elections last night. The single most important effect will be short term – a call to all regional leaders to restore civil liberties, allow people to work and travel, and to stop using this pandemic for their own ends.

Ayuso fought this election on her record during the pandemic. She was the only regional leader who tried to keep things going sensibly during the pandemic, who did her best to prevent civil liberties from being unjustly suspended.

She was pilliored for it by the rest of the politicians. But last night, Madrid said “Thank you” and put its trust in her yet again.

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