Politician comes a cropper

The Director General for Citizen Participation and Human Rights for the regional government of La Rioja, who is a senior Podemos politician, (allegedly) went to an illegal rave for NYE, drove home hammered after curfew started, smashed his expensive BMW into a tree and legged it into the bushes when the cops arrived to avoid taking a breath test.

The car, photo courtesy of La Rioja Hoy. Damn good steering to get the crash that central. Typical politician – always thinking of the photo angle!

An alternative story is offered by the protaganist of this story online:

“I had some bad luck last night; a friend had an accident whilst playing with my dogs and on the way to hospital I had a little crash. All OK. Happy 2021 to everyone!”

(His office later clarified that he skidded on an ice patch).

No answer as to why this senior politician didn’t act responsibly and advise the traffic police as to the -rather nasty- crash, rather than vanishing into the dark night without telling anyone.

The Guardia Civil confirm that they have opened an investigation.

Podemos have refused to comment on the case until the police investigation is concluded.

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