Madrid caught out lying over report into epidemiological report

In the middle of a fuss about whether or not Spain should allow an independent report into its handling of the pandemic and lockdown (the government says now is not the time, several large independent Spanish scientific organisations say it is), Madrid region has been caught in a blatant lie over the number of asymptomatic carriers of Covid it has detected

A report dated August 4th published on the official Madrid Health website has been manipulated, according to its authors.

The report said that that Madrid originally was catching about 34% of asymptomatic carriers, and that by July this had dropped to 7%. This section vanished from the report. It was replaced with a “declaration” by the Madrid councillor of health, Enrique Ruiz, saying that 60% of such people were being detected. No proof was provided.

According to government figures, more than 300,000 people have caught Covid and 28,000 people have died of it, in Madrid region alone.


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