A new friend….

Whilst pottering about in the high mountains this week, I stumbled across this little fellow.

ABout 12-15 cm long. I’ve never seen such a big one this side of the mountains before. Most of the big ones are over in the Cabo de Gata. I took a video of him – he was eating ants. Whilst recording, he refused to move or eat an ant. As soon as I put the camera down, he relaxed and ate an ant. Typical.

I sat there for a bit watching him and he got nasty. I promise I didn’t touch him, or do anything other than film him from a few meters away. He still got uppity. I prefer working with tortoises.

Uncalled for, I thought

Since he was unlikely to sign a photography release form in the mood he was in, I left him to it and carried on my way. I remember we used to have a colony up in Los Gallardos, but haven’t seen them for years and years.

Mind you, I’ve only seen one tortoise so far this year, which is terrible. Although I did see a herd of Ibex the other day. I lugged several hundred euros worth of camera equipment up there, only to realise I didn’t have the right lens to photograph them at a distance. Such is life.

Here’s the view from where I spotted the chameleon from, if anybody is interested.

View from the mountains.

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