New hotel for Garrucha?

Garrucha is to get a new four star hotel on its beachfront. The “La Palmera” carpark will be the site for the new five storey building, which will have up to 52 rooms.

This -rather useful- car park is to be turned into a new hotel, if the plans of the local council come to fruition

The land is owned by the council, who will lease the site for 99 years, after councillors voted in favour of the plan yesterday.

The project has yet to be tendered out to a company, but the council expects the project to cost around €5.1 million of which €1.8 million will be paid for the landlease.

Garrucha hopes to put the tender out this year and expects work to start by next year. The Mayor said that Garrucha was a popular tourist destination but lacked quality hotel rooms compared with nearby Mojácar and Vera. (Via La Voz).

The plenary meeting was not without discourse. The opposition PP party abandoned the meeting in protest at its 9AM start, which they claimed was down the Mayor’s desire to stop members of the public from attending. They also criticised the “terrible economic decisions” of the Mayor over the last year. I shan’t bother you with the details (read more here).

However, the council also agreed to tender out its water to a new company, leaving Galasa once and for all. The 25 year contract is almost certainly going to go to Codeur, which runs the water in next door Vera.

Garrucha, of course, is the nicest place for a stroll and a walk of an evening along our coastline, with a decent (albeit ageing) promenade with lots of bars, shops, nightlife and general things of interest happening. A nice hotel there should do rather well.

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  1. Would be nice to see a simple line map of Garrucha to show exactly where this hotel will be situated. Not familiar with names of car parks or their locations. Thanks.

  2. Almost at the far end of the paseo, before the crossroads where you go into the port. Next to the ice cream parlour there. Actually, stuff the simple line maps, here’s a link to Google street view so you can pretend you’re actually there.
    You can make out a cheque for the usual amount to D. Jackson, thanks 😉

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