An unique new art exhibition debuts at The Albar

Laura’s exquisite, highly detailed art pieces, created in honour of wild nature, are being exhibited to raise awareness and funds to help with the conservation of ‘the wild’.
Builder of the only Earthship in this region (an eco friendly home made from upcycled and natural materials), Laura’s passion for these unconventional materials comes through in her sculptural handmade home and her intricate art pieces. “When I see your art it feels like I’m in your earthship” – a quote from inauguration day.
“Using what I have, upcycling, eco friendly paints and processes are all things I’ve investigated and experimented with over the years to find a way to express myself without being a burden on the planet” says Laura. But you really need to see them to understand, her art and processes are truly unique.
A participant in Lynne McTaggart’s Intention Experiements in 2008 and a teacher of the right side of the brain drawing techniques, Laura has created a method to infuse her art with positive intentions. “These last two years, during the creation of the pieces for this exhibition, as well as being a peeling off of layers to find my artistic voice – my soul – it’s also, and for me more importantly, been an exercise in sending positive energy into wild nature. An energy that I’m hoping will, in some small way, help with it’s protection.”
You can read more about her transcendental approach by signing up to her art blog at
The pieces aren’t for sale yet, Laura asks that if you enjoy the exhibition you leave a donation for the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation’s Tigertime campaign in the collection box.
There will be a book of the exhibition published later this year, also to raise funds for conservation charities.
Laura has said that maybe later in the year the original pieces will be auctioned or made available to buy. If you’re interested in buying a piece you’ll need to subscribe to her art web site to be able to put a reserve on a piece. First on the list will get first option to buy and so on.
This notable exhibition is set in the lovely gallery space below The Albar restaurant in El Pilar, near Sorbas. It’s available to see Thursdays to Mondays and runs until 24th March.
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  1. Hi David, could you please tell me what Albar is (a restaurant?) and where it is — in the pueblo or on the playa? Saludos, Britt

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