A record year for filming

The province had a record year for filming last year, with no fewer than 91 permits being issued to film in the countryside across Almería.

14 of these were for long shoots (films, etc), 5 for short films and 4 for documentaries. Most of the rest were adverts, according to this news report from La Voz.

We had the foo-foo French film ´Les Frères Sisters´ (the brother sisters, according to my schoolboy French), which is “a Western starring Joaquin Phoenix, Jake Gyllenhall, John C. Reilly & British singer / actor Riz Ahmed”. Dunno what it’s all about, but I doubt I’ll stump up the entrance fee to watch it in the cinema, philistine that I am.

Netflix filmed part of Black Mirror here this summer, and… oh I don’t know, lots of then. Read the La Voz article if you’re really interested.

Still, nice to know the film-makers are coming back.

The obligatory photo of Mini-Hollywood which must accompany any story of filming in the province. I think it’s some sort of law or something.

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