Today, Spain lost Catalunya

It is a terrible thing to say, but in a few years time we will be saying “today, we watched the end of Spain on TV”.

Because today is, sadly, the end of Spain.

And the only person to blame is Mariano Rajoy. Who will go down in history as the infamous leader who led Spain down the garden path, in his arrogance and obsession.

The world watched with horror today as a modern European nation, the world’s 14th nation, resorted to tactics from its past.

Rajoy could have called Puigdemont’s bluff. He could have allowed the vote to go ahead, all the while challenging the legal basis in the courts, but without refusing the people’s right to vote.

And maybe, just maybe, out of 8 million the independent parties could have rustled up a vote of 2 million. A vote which woulde have been just as illegal, just as undemocratic, as todays.

And Madrid would have smiled, and said: “just that? Go away, you children, and come back when you have a proper democratic mandate”. And Puigdemont would have been sunk.

But no. Madrid responded, and fell into the Heffalump’s trap. With armed police and violence, and pensioners with blood uponn their faces staggering in front of the world’s TV.

And what was a spark became a flame.

Europe could no longer pretend to support the autocratic bastard who sent national police in with illegal weapons to attack those peaceful crowds who only wated to exercise their democratic right to self-expression.

Mark Stone from UK’s Sky News said it best, when he said: “I have covered the actions of riot police from the UK to Hong Kong. We can argue over their actions, but they always allowed violence to be committed before responding. Here… the police committed violence upon the innocent.”

Police, who were shipped in from “abroad”. Police, who slept in chartered ships in ports. Police, called in because the local mossos recognised that beating the peaceful was a bad idea.

Rajoy, today you destroyed España. And my son will learn in history how you did so.

And maybe, just maybe, by then the Spanish state will have grown up, and become a little more listo.

But it will also be smaller, and more improverished. Thanks to you, Sr Rajoy.

8 Replies to “Today, Spain lost Catalunya”

  1. For me, I felt very sad and uncomfortable because Rajoy’s actions were too akin to the former “Caudillo”, the style of which we had seen the last of.
    As you rightly say, the spark is now a flame, and being of a certain age, history does repeat itself.
    The British Army crushed the Irish rebels in Dublin in 1916, but instead of bringing to trial, the General in charge, shot them,made martyrs of them and, as they say, the rest is history!! Ah well….

  2. Very well said David. The future for Spain looks bleak with this leadership but I am not sure that the other parties will/would be much better.

  3. This is an example of an unstoppable force meeting an immovable object.
    It’s also telling how EU leaders were quick to take sides in the Ukraine during the Euromaidan, but now consider Spain’s issues an internal matter. Any principles the EU leaders may pretend to have is just a cracking facade that covers their self-interest and stubborn will to force *their* project forward at any cost.

  4. politics is certainly changing. not had an elected dictator before.
    no doubt there is a billion/trillion€ money trail behind it all just like Hinkley PointC in UK

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