Cabrera land grab cancelled

Turre townhall has cancelled Martín Morales’s proposed “land grab” in Cabrera.

Sitting in closed session last Tuesday (Sept 12), the ruling body (made up of 3 PSOE councillors and 1 IU, Martín) decided that the plan to change the way the mountain urbanisation is run is “not economically viable” and cancelled the project.

All PSOE councillors voted in favour of the motion, and Martín voted against. Their decision may have been swayed by the vast number of allegations against the motion submitted by local owners, mainly expats, but more likely it was because the County Council (Diputación) said it was a daft idea that would drive Turre into bankruptcy. Or words to that effect, I’ve got the drily worded report around here somewhere.

It’s worth noting that all PSOE councillors voted against the plan when Martín first mooted it, back when he was mayor, but that he forced it through regardless, ignoring all of the ruling councillors and the advice of the town clerk.

The urbanisation will continue to be run in the way it currently is, ie, not very well. And people who haven’t paid their IBI in recent years are likely to be taken to court if they don’t pay, as Martín revealed a few weeks ago in the Costa Almería News.

There is still no news on the public prosecutor’s investigation into homes being built without permits in the mountains which Martín launched when he was Mayor. That will be a nasty surprise in the year to come, no doubt.

Martín is said to be “furious” at the decision. I notice that next month the provincial IU coordinator is stepping down from her post – Martín could well be in with a shot at her position. In which case, he may very well decide to walk away from the council, sinking Mayor María’s administration and possibly handing the keys to opposition leader Arturo Grima (PP).


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  1. David in response to your above post. You quote that the councils decsion may have been swayed by the vast number of allagations against the motion submitted by local owners. This statement is not accurate. There were only 12 objections submitted of which 3 were from the same person representing 3 companies. A petition of 94 names of homeowners in Cabrera was submitted to the Town Hall in support of the change of system. However, the descion made by the council has not come as a surprise.

  2. CRA is it possible to give me the name of the person representing the 3 companies, please? This is nothing to do with the ‘land grab’! Please mail me!

  3. David you are correct, there were over 120 objection letters by individual owners submitted to the town hall.

  4. As per usual, the labove three comments are totally and completely distorted and conservative with the truth .

    1) Cabrera has been very efficiently administered for the past 23 years by multiple voluntary owners who have unselfishly dedicated their time upkeeping the urbanisation to its best possible conditions.

    2) The problems in Cabrera has originated by 24 owners representing 1.5%, whom have refused to contribute towards their annual maintenance contribution and has been supported by Martin. They believe they are right against the whishes of the other 98.5% of 180 owners, who have for the past 23 years, unanimously approved at the Annual General Assembly the efficient administrative establish system.

    3) This small group of owners, endeavour to interpret the law to suit their personal ideology and wishes, which is not supported by any legal administrative authorities.

    4) The over 120 allegations submitted to the Town Hall, has been presented by the owners wishing the presents system remains as it has been for the past 23 years. (don’t take my word for it, the allegations are in the town Hall).

    5)A substantial number of this small group of non-payers, have already been taken to court with judgement being granted in favour of the administrative body in Cabrera (The Junta de Compensación Cortijo Cabrera)

    The wishes of the very large majority of the owners of Cabrera, is to put this needless saga behind, and concentrate in making Cabrera even better.

  5. I have read all the submissions here, and can say without fear of contradiction that I was among the owners that lodged objection/allegations, in direct contradiction to the above statement by the CRAPeople.
    Is it right that 24 disruptive and morally vaccuous miscreants hold the majority of content law abiding owners to ransom by withholding due payments? No it is not. If you disagree with a system, you try to change it from the inside, not by forcing the managing body to spend law abiding owners money to take the miscreants to court to recover monies that should have been paid in the first place.
    CRAPeople, I hope you are satisfied but from published bitter comments above, then I guess not. Shame, perhaps now you should try the right way to effect change. Thst is if the CRAPeople actually have a valid case.

  6. David, please be conscientious on the details you print. quote:-
    “There is still no news on the public prosecutor’s investigation into homes being built without permits in the mountains which Martín launched when he was Mayor. That will be a nasty surprise in the year to come, no doubt.”

    Please let’s not imply that it’s the owners of Cabrera who could be in for a surprise, for it could be all of the 7 previous Mayors, the administration, Diputacion, Junta de Andalucia, Lawyers, Notaries, Registers etc. etc.

    ALL the properties built in Cabrera, ALL have their respective LEGAL (applied and received) building license.

  7. In which case, they have nothing to fear from the investigation. I just said that there has been no news…

  8. David it would be good if you could explain what you mean when you infer that Cabrera is being badly run.In my experience it is very well run for a small village .The rubbish is collected 2 or 3 times a week and the streets are immaculately kept mainly by Diego who is so hard working and is much loved and respected in Cabrera.In England many councils appoint themselves as arbiters of many aspects of people’s lives …lecturing us on healthy living and other things.Basically all that most people want from their local Junta / Council or whatever is for them to empty the bins regularly ,keep the streets neat and tidy and in Spain keep the water flowing.All of those things are done superbly in Cabrera …take note Turre.

  9. It is clear that the members of the Junta Committee who have decided to comment publicly first, rather than with the residents of Cabrera, remain at polar opposites with the views of the CRA.
    In response the CRA make the following observations

    a. Whilst the CRA are disappointed with the Town Hall’s decision it is accepted.
    b. There were in fact only 21 objections received by the Town Hall. Individuals names have been withheld to maintain confidentiality but all registered objections are included in the minutes of the meeting.
    c. Examination of the minutes of the Cabrera AGMs will identify that the majority of people who contribute to the maintenance bill do not vote. The homeowners that do contribute to the maintenance bill represent approximately 26% of the land area of the Urbanisation. The balance of the land being held by the Developers and the Town Hall for which they have voting rights but on which no maintenance contribution is made. In the period 2013 – 2015 only a quarter of all homeowners voted at the AGM. This is hardly a resounding endorsement of the administrative system established as quoted.
    d. The CRA is not pursuing an ideology. It is challenging in court the basis on which maintenance charges are levied. The Diputacion de Almeria have already indicated that the approach taken by the Junta has no legal standing.
    e. As for Cabrera being run efficiently the Fiscalia obviously sees things differently given that he has referred a case to the courts for prosecution.

    Due process is being followed to obtain a judicial outcome which will resolve things once and for all. Hopefully then things will be able to proceed on an amicable basis with both parties accepting the outcome of the legal process

  10. @Jose Luis Jerez There seems to be some ambiguity of what is considered illegal property. You were referring to building licences I thing, but from a property owner or buyer’s perspective, a Licence of First Occupation or the replacement thereof, Habitation licence, is required. I asked someone in SC if his home had that, and he didn’t know, which struck me as odd.

    @CRA if “the CRA” has anything to do with, then why aren’t contact requests answered? In particular mine where one of the things I asked was why has all online activity come to a halt since 2010-2013 on
    I prefer to know which way the wind blows before jumping into a (property investment) decision.

  11. Craig, aboutcabrera webpage is nothing to do with the CRA. There is a homeowners page available on Face book but only for property owners in Cabrera. The CRA are more than happy to answer any questions you may have regarding Cabrera and the dispute we currently have with the Junta and developers. Please email any questions you have to we will be pleased to answer your questions.

  12. @CRA Yes, I know that those 2 websites have nothing to do with each other besides being related to SC. I posted my questions via the contact form of about 2 weeks ago.

  13. Hi David, I have been following your website for sometime and have also read your book on Turre.I am coming to almeria for a second visit this year in November for another look at property in Cabrera.We are looking to retire up there and will be selling up in Essex,we viewed a few houses up there in September when we stayed up there but I get the impression there seems to be problems up there between the junta and the C.R.A plus issues with first certificate of habitation,electric,water and infrastructure.After reading your chapter on Cabrera/Cortijo Grande in your book I had to think are my husband and I mad to buy up there.We absolutely love it up there but could you put our minds at rest regarding the buying of property up there and be honest with us with what issues are going on up there.I spoke to lots of people up there in sept from both associations but they all seem at odds with each other. We look forward to hearing from you. Keith&Julia Goode.

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