Catalunya mis-spends €6,150 and is taken over; Turre €13 million, no-one cares

Catalonia has been advised that it will lose control of budgetary spending after Madrid spotted that it has over-spent the whopping amount of €6,150 towards the independence referendum (out of a total budget of €24 billion).

To be precise, Catalonia said it would spend € 19.370 on “electoral control”. Madrid spotted that it had spent €25.520, €6.150 more than it should (yes, no million or billion mark), and has used this as an excuse to take over the budget unless ” a full explanation is filed within 24 hours”.

Meanwhile, Turre -a town of 3,351 – is the 63rd most indebted town in Spain and appears to have lost €13 million without anyone giving a damn. Of course, Turre isn’t trying to declare independence from Madrid….

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  1. Yesterday evening , Saturday 22nd, we watched on Channel 1 a review, on the 25th anniversary, of the Barçelona Olympic Games and the Sevilla Expo. A disgraceful and shameful piece of Centralist propaganda. One commentator had the gall to say that the Expo was not good for just Sevilla but for the whole of Andalucia.
    We in Almeria note the difference it has made in the way of rail transport, division of cash available, etc.etc. while Madrid has struggled manfully to help us out, going short for our benefit.
    Time for Almeria to declare independence from Andalucia.

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