IKEA comes to Almería

IKEA has confirmed it will build a super store in Almería city.

The company signed a contract yesterday purchasing a massive plot of land on the outskirts of the city, and contracted a company to build a 27,000 square metre building on it.

Construction company Carrida will start work in February 2018 with the grand opening expected to be in February 2019, according to the published timeline, which assumes planning consent within six months.

Carrida is a company in Almería which is trying to develop a mega park on the spare land between the top of the Rambla and the A7 in Almería city, which is where the IKEA will go (just behind the Repsol fuel station).

La Voz de Almería broke the news that IKEA is to build a store on this bit of land

Almería city council is being, understandably, somewhat smug as they helped facilitate the deal.

Later: If they use all of the 27,000 square metres, it will be the same size as the one in Murcia (which is 27,017 built size). That’s my own figure by the way.

Editor’s note: I hate IKEA. Can’t stand the place.

2 Replies to “IKEA comes to Almería”

  1. Excellant have to say about time.
    We live near Mojacar which Almost ALL the big companies have forgotton or forget, we are not important enough.Dont they realize or have they done any studies of this area.
    We were promised 11 years ago,that a large shopping complex was going to be built on the outshirts of Garrucha,never happened.
    We will still have to travel an hour but this will be far better than 1 -.3/4 hour we have to travel now.
    Do they realize how many people live,work and prosper in this area.
    Wake up CEO,s please.

  2. I have lived in the area for 17 years and have some local info. When the site was surveyed the water table was not as expected and has since had lots of floods. so we have lost out . But the site is having a fresh look after the new roads are in for the use of smaller units/buildings

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