Guardia Civil gives trainee officers bullfighting classes

There is uproar today after it was revealed that 250 Guardia Civil trainee officers were given a course on bullfighting as part of their training in Jaén this week.

One of their teachers swapped the police tricorn hat for a bullfighters cap and cape, to show students how to properly torture a cow to death.

Pay attention students – this is how you wave your cap after stabbing the bull

The students were not impressed, with a number of videos making their way onto the internet and a complaint being lodged with Guardia Civil union AUGC.

The AUGC criticised the class as a waste of money. They said: “One thing is being taught the stages of a bullfight in order to understand and plan proper public safety procedures and another thing is to be taught the intricacies of the sport. This class was inappropriate and completely in the wrong place.”

The Guardia Civil haven’t commented on the matter. It seems the strange class was a once-off given on the initiative of the officer in charge of the class.

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