All naked flames banned as from today

All naked flames in the countryside have now been banned between June 1 and October 15 across Andalusia.

Barbecues (of any type), naked flames, bonfires etc are all banned. This includes motorway rest areas or countryside sporting or public camp areas, even if there are installations for such barbecues.As is the transit of motor vehicles in forest areas or within 400 metres of said designated areas.

Bee keepers are also affected, as they must used self contained smoke emitters and not any natural flame.

Remember the big Bédar fire a few years ago? That started when some twit was using a metal cutter outside of his cortijo – the flames set fire to the field behind him. It’s amazingly easy to set fire to the campo, so be careful in everything you do.

This includes throwing lit cigarettes or broken bottles away – glass or water can act as a refractor to set fire to grass, etc.

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  1. Please define countryside? How far from a village is deemed countryside.

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