Los Gallardos roundabout works to start

They’re starting work tomorrow (Mon 15) on the Huerta Nueva roundabout outside Los Gallardos.

Roadworks will be in place until July 10 and expect delays. Heavy traffic (the yeso lorries or anything over 10 tonnes) are to be diverted to the 525 exit for part of the time.

The yellow diversion signs are already up and ready to be unveiled tomorrow!

2 Replies to “Los Gallardos roundabout works to start”

  1. Hi David,have you any information about the Huerta nueva complex concerning shops restaurants & bars being built,
    I know they said that it was all going to be built but the last time I was there nothing had been done.

  2. The project is supposed to have resurfaced recently, with a planning application being resubmitted to the council. It may be simply an effort to keep the licences alive, or there may actually be movement.

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