Spain has no answer to zombie invasion – but says it doesn’t need one

Are they mad?

The Spanish may be able to forgive their politicians embezzlement, sexual predilections, and cosying up to Trump. But the revelation that Madrid doesn’t feel it’s necessary to draw up a Zombie emergency plan has caused anguish across the nation.

Actually, the response to the question tabled by senator Carles Mulet (Comprimis) shows a rare sense of humour by some unknown functionary, as El Mundo notes.

Mulet, a member of one of the Catalan independence parties, tabled a question on whether there was a Zombie apocalypse question to the government to complain about questions being fobbed off. He unintentionally made a point.

The government replied (I’m feeling lazy so it’s G-Translate):

The Dictionary of the Spanish Language of the Royal Academy contains two meanings of the Word apocalypse.
In relation to the first of these, “end of World “, the Government informs the Honorable Gentleman that it has no specific protocols for such an eventuality.
Among other reasons, because little can be done should that moment come.

Who will survive the zombies? Not the Spaniards, who admit to being unprepared. Unless it’s all a big double-bluff…..

They continue:

With regard to the possibility that the aforementioned apocalypse of interest to the Honorable Member is, as indicated in his parliamentary question, of a “zombie” nature, the Spanish Language Dictionary of the Royal Academy is used again, as in the previous case , which also includes two meanings for the aforementioned term.
Thus, in relation to the first of them:

“Person who is supposed to be dead and revived by art of witchcraft in order to master his will”

, The Government, in view of the possibility set forth by the Honorable Member that a hypothetical apocalypse be carried out by this type of beings, has not adopted any specific protocol beyond those previously mentioned, given the dubious probability of such a circumstance occurring under such premises .
Finally, in relation to the second of the indicated meanings of the term zombi

“Stunned, who behaves like an automaton”

The Honorable Member is informed that Spain and its public administrations have several lines of action, although the Government doubts that those who might be in the circumstances described in the above-mentioned definition – however many – could cause the situation of apocalypse in which the Honorable Member is interested.

So there we go. When the Zombies come, it’s every person for themselves. Next question: Do we have a protocol against vampires?

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