So what’s going to happen to the Spanish State visit?

In all the general election excitement in the UK, one vital question has been overlooked by the pundits – what’s going to happen with the visit of the Spanish Royal family to the UK?

The election is on June 8, and King Felipe is supposed to be visiting on June 6-7. He and his family can still meet the Queen of course  but with purdah in force across the UK government, he won’t be able to meet any politicians.

A Spanish source told El Mundo:

this visits shows at the very highest level the excellence and intensity of the links and bilateral relationships between the UK and Spain and our promise to keep them in order to benefit the citizens of both countries

Which sounds hopeful for expats 🙂

Anyway, we shall see. A previous visit last year was cancelled because of political impasse in Spain – now Madrid is hoping the same thing in London won’t cause another delay.

Later: They’ve pushed it back a month.

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