Rajoy has a chat with Trump

Mariano had what was described as an “extensive and productive” chat with Trump today. (Further investigation shows that it lasted exactly 15 minutes).

Madrid said that Trump was very interested to hear about Rajoy’s reactivation of the Spanish economy. Rajoy said he talked at length on bilateral relations, security and the economy. As Trump hung up, Rajoy shouted down the phone that he would offer to mediate between the USA and south America. No news on whether Trump heard him.

Madrid also said that Rajoy spoke about Brexit, and his conviction that it would force further EU integration, of which Spain would be at the forefront, and that he hoped Spain could take the UK’s place as the American cheerleader in Europe.

Trump’s signoff of “see you later Mr Rajey” was interpreted by Madrid as being the offer of a handshake at the forthcoming NATO summit in May. Not as far fetched as it may sound, as Spain is the seventh largest contributor to the NATO budget – it will contribute €5.7 billion this year.

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