Vera – Cartagena toll road goes bankrupt and will be nationalised

The company behind the Vera – Cartagena toll road will be wound up and the road be nationalised, the state government has announced today. OK, the company itself went bankrupt a few years ago, but today any hope of rescue has been abandoned and the company will be closed down. In all, eight bankrupt toll roads across the country will be nationalised. In all, these roads owe the banks more than €3.4 billion. The state Continue reading Vera – Cartagena toll road goes bankrupt and will be nationalised

AIDS infection up

A person catches HIV every five days in Almería province. The provincial health service said that 74 people caught the disease last year, of which 59 were men. Sexual acts caused 79 per cent of the transmissions, but sharing of drug paraphernalia was at an all time low, causing just 3 per cent of transmissions. Almería has one of Spain’s highest infection rates, at 10.5 cases for every 100,000 people. The national rate is just Continue reading AIDS infection up

Bird trapper caught

A man has been arrested for setting illegal bird traps in the Sierra de las Filabres after a tip-off from a concerned citizen. Environmental rangers found ten different home-made traps in a place indicated by the whistle-blower, and lay in wait until the poacher returned to check his traps. Inside his vehicle police found materials used in setting the traps for the small song birds, as well as box containing insects used as bait in Continue reading Bird trapper caught