Turre launches feedback app

Turre has launched a new mobile phone app to allow citizens to give instant feedback to the council on small problems across the town.

I’ve downloaded it and while it’s missing quite a bit of content, the basic functionality is there. It’s alright for citizens, but not much good for tourists. Bizarrely, all of the “council information” such as bylaws, council meetings and the like are for other towns, as is a list of newborns and deaths.

The process of filing a complaint is quite simple. You enter a brief description, manually mark where the problem is on a map – the geolocation feature doesn’t work, at least on my phone as it constantly tells me I’m not “within city limits” – and upload an optional photo.

You then have a list of all these complaints which allows the council to tell you of the status of the repair.

I’ve uploaded about a dozen complaints in different categories- broken streetlights, pot holes, fallen over signs, etc etc – and we’ll see how the council responds. I’ll keep you updated!

Search for “Decide Turre” in the play store to get started (an Apple version is coming soon I’m told).

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