Mojacar move to regulate garage access

Mojacar council has implemented a bylaw to regulate the access to garages.

I’ve written extensively on this subject in this week’s Costa Almería News, so if you’re interested in the whole story pop out and buy a copy. But here’s a brief summary, because people keep asking me.

In short, the council has implemented a 2007 by-law which regulates vados. Vados is the Spanish name for a council rate which guarantees access to a parking entrance via a public space such as a pavement. Paying the rate gives you a small sign forbidding parking in front of your entrance, and the right to have any parked vehicle blocking your access towed.

Starting last month residents started receiving letters telling them that they have to take out a vado permit if they have a garage entrance. So if you get a letter, and you’re likely to, you should follow the instructions and pay the appropriate tax requested, unless there has been a miscalculation in the size of the access required, or other material error in the letter.

The council told me that:

This is a perfectly normal matter which most large towns across Spain regulate in the same fashion. We have spent much of this year planning its implementation.”

And indeed, many large towns do implement such rules to control parking and garages.

The vado rate takes effect as from January 1, 2017 so even if you pay it now your period doesn’t start until next year (not long now!). The letters are going out now in order to prepare people ahead of the Jan deadline.

The opposition PSOE have been complaining about this. I’ve extended on this in the Costa Almería News this week, along with the reply from the Mayor.

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