Galasa is saved in last minute deal

Our local water company Galasa was due to be declared bankrupt tomorrow December 1, but a last minute plan by the pp and PSOE has been agreed to save the bankrupt company.

Details are still sketchy, but both parties have agreed a price rise lower than the one originally mooted.

A new steering committee will be created to oversee the company, and the county council will set up a commission to start fixing the many leaks. Galasa loses about half of its water through leaks.

More information is due to be published tomorrow after the agreement is signed. Both parties are hopeful that the measures will be sufficient to prevent the national government from liquidating the company.

The strike expected to start tomorrow by Galasa workers appears to have been suspended.

2 Replies to “Galasa is saved in last minute deal”

  1. surprise surprise another last minute deal which will undoubtedly cost us a lot more either by IBI or water charges. It would be interesting to find out ( is we ever will} what happens to those locations who have been paying less than cost for their supply and , possibly more to the point how the existing Galasa debt is going to shared/ dealt with.

    I suppose i shouldn’t ask but are non of the politicians/parties capable of planning, ahead particularly on something as fundamental as water? But I suppose, given our experience in Turre over the years the answer is obviously NO!!

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