Cars start getting stickers

Drivers across Spain are starting to receive government stickers in the post. They indicate the ecological band of your vehicle, and depending where you are, could be useful.

DGT car vehicle stickers

So far, only 4.3 million drivers in Madrid, Barcelona, Granada, Sevilla and Valencia have received them – the rest of us will get them next year. Why those provinces? They’re the most polluted in Spain.

The stickers come in four flavours:

  • Blue 0 – electric cars
  • Halftone Eco – hybrid
  • Yellow B – cars and light vans that are: A) petrol and matriculated between 2000-2006 or B) diesel matriculated between 2006-2014
  • Green C – cars and light vans that are: A) petrol and matriculated after 2006 or B) diesel matriculated after 2014

Older vehicles won’t get a sticker.

What good are they?

Currently, they’re not obligatory although the DGT does suggest sticking them on the top right portion of your windscreen.

Up there, along with your ITV stickers
Up there, along with your ITV stickers

If your vehicle is electric or hybrid, stick it on straight away as you can then park for free in blue and green areas, and use bus lanes with one passenger.

The other colours will likely be used to reduce traffic in urban centres in the future, and legislation allows councils to impose traffic regulations based on these stickers.


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