Junta’s anti-obesity law comes closer

The Junta has published a draft version of a new anti-obesity law, a first for Spain.

It goes after the 18.7% of Andaluzes who are classified as fatties and makes them run naked through the locker room whilst the jocks flick at them with wet towels. Or something like that, I haven’t read it very closely.

fat chap asleep
Stop snoozing and get on that new bike lane the council just installed

The issue is worse amongst the youth, with 22.5% of kids overweight in the region.

Some highlights of the law:

  • Restaurants are to be forced to give free water (how when you can’t drink the tap water?) and will have to publish calorific information on menus; and will also have to offer meals in different sizes.
  • Automatic dispensing shops (eh? must be a big city sort of thing) will have to offer free cold drinking water.
  • Education buildings will also have to offer free drinking water (what is it with this drinking water thing?), give a minimum of 5 hours PE a week and won’t be allowed to sell any drinks or snacks containing more than 200Kcal, high levels of salt, sugar or fats or that contain caffeine (expect to see exam results drop!)
  • Shops that sell packaged fruit and veg will have to start selling the packages in different formats, for different sized families.
  • Councils will have to enable bike parking stations and bike lanes (hurrah).

The law is expected to be sent to the regional parliament for voting upon in around six or eight months.

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