The giant ant that comes from Tabernas wants to rent your Yankee car

A Finnish TV company is planning to film a dreadful B horror movie film in Tabernas.

The plot revolves around a race of giant ants that have been bred by the US military in a New Mexico base, which escape with predictably gruesome results.

But not to worry – we have two heroes in the shape of a young couple crossing the desert on racing bikes, who just happen to have a can of Raid in their backpack (I’m assuming this last bit).

The script comes a popular 1980’s computer game called “It came from the desert”, a title that transfers itself to the film.

It will be filmed in Tabernas and Cabo de Gata this October. Costing over a million bucks to produce, up to 70 extras between the ages of 20 and 30 will be sought.

The producers are also looking for anyone with Yankee cars or military jeeps to get in touch as they want to rent them. Email with the subject line ‘American Car’ or ‘Military Vehicle’ if you have one to rent.

It came from the desert

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