Baby and adult die after hitting a car coming head-on against them

A car going the wrong way up the motorway outside Cantoria smashed into an oncoming vehicle late last night, killing an adult and a fourteen month old baby girl from Purchena.

Four vehicles in all collided.

The vehicle which caused the crash was speeding the wrong way down the motorway when it hit the on-coming vehicle, which hadn’t spotted it because they had just pulled into the left hand lane to overtake a large vehicle. The parents of the baby girl, along with her five year old brother, were all injured in the crash but said to be stable in hospital.

The driver of the car going the wrong way wasn’t wearing a seatbelt and was thrown clear of his vehicle. It isn’t yet clear if the driver was the adult who was killed in the crash.

Two more vehicles hit the accident in the following seconds after the crash happened.


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