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  1. 18 months to late for my friend who died on this road/entrance.The Spanish police report says he should of been wearing HV cloths for a night out and he did not cross at the correct place?The report stated he was under the UK drink drive limit.The Spanish women who drove the car can’t remember anything that night.
    Often read your blogs for what’s going on.Myself and friends will be visiting again in early October to see lots of people and friends who have been so kind in terms sympathy and comments.

  2. Our condolences on your very sad loss. I said it many times to many people down through the years about this junction that someone God forbid will lose their life before anything will be done to improve it. Has anyone seen the plans for this proposed roundabout. At our last AGM we were presented with and artists impression of what they intend to do. It makes no sense whatsoever and a 5 year old child would come up with a better plan. It seems to me that this plan will not slow down the port trucks racing up and down that road as it will have an impact on their costs ( time is money ) and no consideration is given to the safety of pedestrians crossing over and back…check it out for yourself…

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