Local police rescue three suffering dogs from terraces

Local police in Viator rescued three suffering dogs from the terraces of two different apartments in the town last weekend.

One of the dogs, which had no shade, was suffering from heatstroke and required attention from a vet to treat dehydration. It wouldn’t have survived the afternoon with the rescue.

The other two were rescued before anything nasty happened to them.


Police were called after neighbours became concerned about the animals. The police were unable to find the owners of the apartments and so borrowed a ladder in both cases to get them down.

Mayor Manuel Jesús Flores thanked his agents for their efforts.

The council of Viator says its not going to fine anyone, but added that the coppers are examining the case to see if a charge of animal cruelty is merited, in which case the matter will go to the courts.

The first two pets have been returned to their owners, but nobody has come forward to claim the third dog, so it’s gone to a local animal rescue charity until its ownership can be ascertained.

Viator copper shows off one of the dogs he saved
Viator copper shows off one of the dogs he saved

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