Mojácar starts fining the “indecorous” youth of summer

Mojácar council has so far issued 10 fines of up to €300 each to youths who are being “indecorous”.

The youths were breaking the infamous civic behaviour bylaw which I talk about here, which came into effect on May 26.

The council told Ideal newspaper that “stag and hen parties continue in Mojácar, although we note that these groups are better behaved than they were last year. They don’t annoy families and older tourists or residents any more, and they continue to wear costumes which are appropriate to a public place with no problems. If they want to wear something more scandalous, then they wear them inside, in the appropriate place.”

No news on whether any of the fines were for wearing a swimsuit in public, one of the things which is now against the Law.

Not on the street, thanks, say Mayor Cano

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