Idiots scare off sea turtle laying eggs in Cuevas

A sea turtle climbed out of the sea in last night on El Calón (Cuevas) beach beach, only to be surrounded by over 100 idiotic youths who started taking flash photos and playing with it.

Naturally enough, the turtle took fright and buggered off, eggs unlaid.sea turtle on beach These sea turtles are a heavily protected species under EU law, and the Guardia Civil’s environmental wing told local media that they are collecting online photos such as the one above to see if charges should be pressed. If that prat put his dog onto the turtle, he may well regret it.

(The photo above is quickly going viral online with many unflattering comments)

The turtle is expected to return tonight to try again, and both police and volunteers are expected to be on hand to ensure that this time it has an uninterrupted visit. Anyone taking flash photography or generally being a blockhead will, hopefully, be gently told off.

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