Small pony abandoned in Almería city centre

A bizarre situation happened yesterday in Almería city. Local police found a small pony abandoned in the city centre – and had to use a rubbish lorry to take it the pound.

Residents of C/ Lopez Vega called the cops early Sunday morning after spotting the scared animal nosing for food. The local police managed to catch the animal, but had no way to take it to the local pound.

The city has cancelled its animal pickup service, and so transport is only available during weekday mornings. The rest of the time, the police have to take the animals themselves.

Since it’s difficult to get a pony into a police car, one of the officers had the bright idea of calling for a municipal rubbish flatbed lorry.

The small pony in the back of the rubbish lorry. They could have taken the bags out first!

The animal was taken to the municipal pound, who are arranging for it to be transported to an equine refuge. Hopefully it will then find a proper owner from there.

Local animal associations are doing their collective nuts over the matter, and the council has rushed out a statement saying a new animal collection service will be working within the next couple of weeks.

Earlier last week the police had to close a playpark because of a feral tick infested dog that was there. They eventually got the animal out and had to disinfect the playground equipment.

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