Ear biter accepts jail

A twenty eight year old man who bit another man’s ear off has accepted six years in jail.

The aggressor, who acknowledged being “heavily under the influence of drink” at the time of the attack, confessed his only motive had been because the victim had “looked at him wrongly”. He has been dubbed the “cannibal robber” by the Spanish press.

The attack took place late on the 7th of July 2014 outside the Mediterraneo shopping centre in Almeria when the aggressor asked the victim for a can of beer. When he was refused, he viciously attacked his victim, and stole 294 euros off him.

The 45 year old victim spent 21 days in hospital after the attack. The aggressor was arrested later that night by police officers, who had to use substantial force to restrain him. The officers testified that he was still covered in his victims blood and had part of the ear with him.

The public prosecutor had asked for a longer sentence, but the man pleaded guilty after negotiating a shorter sentence with the prosecution. He must also pay 40,000 euros in compensation.

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