Breakfast with the Minister – any questions?

I’ve received a lovely invitation to a “friendly breakfast and chat” with the Andalusian Minister for Tourism, Francisco Javier Fernández Hernández, next week up in t’big city. Why, it was addressed to me personally and everything. Except for the gold rimmed border. Now, I’m not sure if I received the invite because: I am an important and respect businessman in the expat tourism sector; I once foolishly took out an advert with La Voz (who Continue reading Breakfast with the Minister – any questions?

Junta approves “dry port” in Níjar, 3,400 jobs to be created

The Junta has approved the creation of a dry port in Níjar, which could create up to 3,400 jobs. We haven’t heard anything about this for ages and suddenly it pops up again. Question is: Where are the trains that will supply the port??? 174 hectares of land next to the motorway in Níjar has been set aside for this massive project. The idea is to create a logistical centre which will receive products from Continue reading Junta approves “dry port” in Níjar, 3,400 jobs to be created

Ear biter accepts jail

A twenty eight year old man who bit another man’s ear off has accepted six years in jail. The aggressor, who acknowledged being “heavily under the influence of drink” at the time of the attack, confessed his only motive had been because the victim had “looked at him wrongly”. He has been dubbed the “cannibal robber” by the Spanish press. The attack took place late on the 7th of July 2014 outside the Mediterraneo shopping Continue reading Ear biter accepts jail