Any new business owners around here who want to be on TV?

I’ve been contacted by a UK TV production company who want to find local British nationals who have recently moved out here to setup a new business.

It’s for A new life in the sun on Channel 4.

Jamie writes:

I am writing from the Channel 4 series A New Life in the Sun, a series which follows British people as they set up businesses in Spain and France. I hope you don’t mind me contacting you.

After a successful first series we are happily making a second and am getting in touch to see if you knew of any British people in southern Spain who are getting a business up and running? Either someone who is brand new to Spain, on their way over or finally setting something up after being there a couple of years.

It’s a really positive and aspirational series and you can find out more about our first series here:

If you want Jamie’s contact details just send me a message as I doubt he wants them here for the whole world to spam him with.

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