Tender to run Corvera airport being mooted

Although the tender to run Corvera airport has not yet been prepared, a number of “interested parties” are visiting the installations this month to get a feel for the place.

You’ll remember that Aeromur, the old management company, was finally fired by the courts last year.

Corvera, Murcia-San Javier and Alicante.
Corvera, Murcia-San Javier and Alicante.

Local press say that “several international companies specialised in running airports in Europe and the United States” have come to have a look. Francisco Bernabé, transport minister for the region of Murcia said that yes, the visits were happening but declined to name any of the companies.

But he added that the interest shows that the airport can be a viable concern.

And last month the minister of Defense said during a visit to San Javier that the military would be pleased to get 100% of San Javier back, as it would allow them to use both runways and not worry about civilian flights.

He quickly added that this didn’t mean there were any plans to close the place.

The tender for running Corvera airport is not realistically expected until the end of this year. And once it is adjudicated, the new company will have to start all the calibration flights and certification process again. So we could easily be looking at 2018, 2019 before anything major happens.

And once that’s all done, Murcia has to convince whoever is running AENA that closing San Javier is a good idea.

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