Rajoy optimistic about Almería’s prospects

Mariano Rajoy has been wandering around the Poniente, visiting tomato export centres and whatnot, and says he is “optimistic” about the future for the province.

“Things are starting to get better” he declared. “I’m always proud to see people working hard and getting things right”.

Mariano Rajoy examines cheap pulp thrillers at Almería’s feria del libro yesterday. Local PP worthies cluster around him.[/caption]


Trouble was, he was talking about the farming sector in the Poniente. About the prospects down here in the Levante, where people aspire to more than a career packing fruit, he was mute.

Campaigning is starting again in earnest, and Mariano is busy visiting all the places he’s ignored over the last four years as PM. After visiting the CASI fruit packing warehouse in El Ejido – the largest tomato wholesaler in Europe, you know! – he went off to Almería city and wandered around the city’s feria del libro (book fair). A jolly time was had by all.

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