Los Gallardos petrol station robbery

Forgot to post this yesterday.

The petrol station in Los Gallardos was attacked in the wee hours of Friday morning, hence the smashed plate glass.

It seems two young lads made at the windows with a cheap sledgehammer. After the fifth or six pound on the glass, the head came flying off leaving them a bit nonplussed. All they managed to do was star the security glass, they never got in.

They thus decided to scarper, leaving the evidence and CCTV for the Guardia to mull over.

Damn good glass they’ve got in the place – it’s badly starred, with a tiny hole in the centre. But two desperate robbers with a sledge-hammer versus the best security glass Pedro could buy – it was the robbers what came off worse.

Pedro has more security on that place than Fort Knox, so I assume the “perps” (can you tell I’ve been in the States recently? Picked up on all the journo lingo) will soon be found.

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