Galasa has electric cut off as it can’t afford to pay the bill

Endesa has cut off the electric supply to a number of Galasa offices after the company failed to settle over a million and a half euros in unpaid electric bills.

The main offices in Vera are currently working with a generator installed on the roof. There are fears that water supplies will be hit across the region if electricity is cut off to pumping stations. Currently only offices have been affected.

The public owned company is bankrupt, with debts in excess of 37 million euros. Massive hikes in the cost of water is the only realistic way to save the company, but local councils are resisting this. The provincial council is expected to force through a change allowing Galasa to set its own water prices in a meeting next week, but several councils – including Vera- have threatened to quit Galasa if this happens.

Galasa is currently breaking state rules on debt – to – asset ratios of public companies, and technically should have been wound up last year. It continues to limp along.

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