Demonstration of expat home-owners in Vera

The British home owners association AUAN has informed the Spanish authorities of its intention to organise a peaceful demonstration in the Plaza Mayor outside of the Town Hall of Vera on 19th May at 12.00 noon in support of Helen and Len Prior.
According to AUAN’s president, Maura Hillen ‘the reason for this gathering is to ask our authorities to once and for all find a way to put an end to the ordeal of Helen and Len Prior whose house was demolished without compensation in 2008 in spite of having planning permission’.
Added Mrs Hillen ‘we are also asking our public authorities to promote further legislative changes to give greater legal certainty to the property market. And, as a matter of urgency, we are asking that the reliability of the Land Registry be extended to include everything that effects a property, including planning issues, in order to avoid the situation where an innocent purchaser buys a house which appears to be perfect according to the Land Registry with no record of planning issues only to find that the house is illegal and even subject to a demolition order.’

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