Almerienses spent 143 million euros gambling last year

The bingos, casinos and slot machines of the province were fed over 143 million euros last year according to a government study.

By far the largest takers were slot machines which received almost 90% of the total. There are more slot machines per head of population across Almeria province than anywhere else in Spain.

The study doesn’t take into account the amount spent gambling online, but reveals instead that the sector hasn’t been affected by the recession. The amount spent went up by two million euros over 2013. The survey calculates that the average Almeriense spent 36,46 euros gambling.gambling

Gambling charity Indalajer warns of the “hidden danger” of gambling, and says it estimates that there are over 8,000 addicts in the province. The association is currently helping 131 people break their addiction, including four minors who need clinic help after developing an addiction to video games. The most vulnerable sector of society are young men aged between 18 and 24.

This October 29 is the “Day without Gambling” in Spain.

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