Lobsters for Carboneras

A German investor is to open a lobster farm in Carboneras. Luis Feldman has presented a project developed in association with the universities of Almeria and Hannover to farm 50.000 kilos of lobster a year in a 5.000 square metre warehouse.

The project will also grow a species of edible saltwater plant called “Salicornia”, a delicacy known as the “asparagus of the sea”.

Mr Feldman’s project involves a bioaquatic ecosystem that allows the organic ranching of lobsters in controlled conditions.

The lobster larvae will be provided by a firm in Singapore and the Salicornia comes from the UK. Salicornia sells for 30 euros a kilo in France and Britain although it is almost unknown in the Spanish market.

Construction will start next year once administrative authorisation is granted. An initial phase will see a 500 square metre lobster tank and a 300 metre plant tank installed, and five jobs created. If the factory expands as expected up to additional 12 jobs will be generated.

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