Human trafficker faces four years in jail

An Algerian human trafficker arrested in charge of a dangerous and leaky boat off the shores of Almería is facing four years in jail. The public prosecutor has made the demand, saying that the man’s avarice put the lives of nine migrants at risk. The fibreglass boat, which experts say was unseaworthy, was rescued by the Spanish coastguard last November 29 in high seas off the coast of the Cabo de Gata. The nine migrants Continue reading Human trafficker faces four years in jail

Breakfast with the Minister – any questions?

I’ve received a lovely invitation to a “friendly breakfast and chat” with the Andalusian Minister for Tourism, Francisco Javier Fernández Hernández, next week up in t’big city. Why, it was addressed to me personally and everything. Except for the gold rimmed border. Now, I’m not sure if I received the invite because: I am an important and respect businessman in the expat tourism sector; I once foolishly took out an advert with La Voz (who Continue reading Breakfast with the Minister – any questions?

Junta approves “dry port” in Níjar, 3,400 jobs to be created

The Junta has approved the creation of a dry port in Níjar, which could create up to 3,400 jobs. We haven’t heard anything about this for ages and suddenly it pops up again. Question is: Where are the trains that will supply the port??? 174 hectares of land next to the motorway in Níjar has been set aside for this massive project. The idea is to create a logistical centre which will receive products from Continue reading Junta approves “dry port” in Níjar, 3,400 jobs to be created

Ear biter accepts jail

A twenty eight year old man who bit another man’s ear off has accepted six years in jail. The aggressor, who acknowledged being “heavily under the influence of drink” at the time of the attack, confessed his only motive had been because the victim had “looked at him wrongly”. He has been dubbed the “cannibal robber” by the Spanish press. The attack took place late on the 7th of July 2014 outside the Mediterraneo shopping Continue reading Ear biter accepts jail

United in support of the Priors

A demonstration in support of Helen and Len Prior took place in Vera, Almeria in 30+ degree heat on Thursday 19th May. Organised by AUAN, the gathering was supported by other associations such as SOHA who came in a bus from Malaga. The gathering of around 150 people was notable for its civility and the participation of a number of elderly Britons of advanced age. Some of the protestors were more than 70 years, similar Continue reading United in support of the Priors

Any new business owners around here who want to be on TV?

I’ve been contacted by a UK TV production company who want to find local British nationals who have recently moved out here to setup a new business. It’s for A new life in the sun on Channel 4. Jamie writes: I am writing from the Channel 4 series A New Life in the Sun, a series which follows British people as they set up businesses in Spain and France. I hope you don’t mind me Continue reading Any new business owners around here who want to be on TV?

Tortoise census takes wanted

Ecologistas en Acción are looking for volunteers to take part in a tortoise census next Saturday May 28. It’s part of a tortoise survey being carried out by the University of Murcia and the Serbal association. The census starts at 10am in Salar de los Canos, Vera. You’ll wander around your designated area all day, and everytime you find a tortoise you call over the vet who is in charge of checking their health. Then Continue reading Tortoise census takes wanted

Belgian shepherd kills owner in Murcia

A 70 year old man has been attacked and killed by his pet dog, a Belgian shepherd. The attack happened last night. Emergency services were alerted by a neighbour of the man, who reported hearing the sounds of a dog attack inside the home, but who couldn’t get inside because of the aggressive attitude of the animal. Local police broke into the home with the aid of the fire service and managed to restrain the Continue reading Belgian shepherd kills owner in Murcia

Los Gallardos petrol station robbery

Forgot to post this yesterday. The petrol station in Los Gallardos was attacked in the wee hours of Friday morning, hence the smashed plate glass. It seems two young lads made at the windows with a cheap sledgehammer. After the fifth or six pound on the glass, the head came flying off leaving them a bit nonplussed. All they managed to do was star the security glass, they never got in. They thus decided to Continue reading Los Gallardos petrol station robbery

Galasa has electric cut off as it can’t afford to pay the bill

Endesa has cut off the electric supply to a number of Galasa offices after the company failed to settle over a million and a half euros in unpaid electric bills. The main offices in Vera are currently working with a generator installed on the roof. There are fears that water supplies will be hit across the region if electricity is cut off to pumping stations. Currently only offices have been affected. The public owned company Continue reading Galasa has electric cut off as it can’t afford to pay the bill