Naughty cocaine seller used Gramps as a cover

A 45 year old woman and an 85 year old man have been arrested for selling cocaine from a car. The elderly man was being paid by the woman to accompany her in the hope that his presence would allay police suspicion. A Guardia Civil undercover unit saw the couple sitting in their car outside of a nightclub in Cuevas del Almanzora. They were both visibly nervous, and the woman occasionally disappeared inside the establishment Continue reading Naughty cocaine seller used Gramps as a cover

Huércal Overa FC broken into

The locker rooms of Huércal Overa F.C. were broken into and vandalised last week, causing damage in excess of €6.000. The clubs locker room in the Campo El Hornillo football field outside the city suffered the night time attack by persons unknown. The break-in was discovered by the cleaners last Monday at 11am when they arrived to prepare the rooms ahead of that evenings game. The third division club has lost most of its equipment, Continue reading Huércal Overa FC broken into